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              Here it is! Mumcast: The Rick Mummey Show.

Music, art, and conversations with people who have mastered the art of living.

Nov 22, 2017

 In 1967, we opened our new copy of the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", expecting something brilliant and groundbreaking. Turned out to be much more, as Pepper became one of the most influential albums, not only in the Beatles' canon, but in all of contemporary music.

 Members of local Lafayette band Frank Muffin, along with 20 musicians from the community and elsewhere, will be staging that album from start to finish, with extras, December 9, at Lafayette Theater. It's a mammoth undertaking, and we spoke to Frank Muffin's Brittany and Hans Rees about the idea and the process of rounding up band members, dividing the labor, and coming up with a fitting tribute to this cultural landmark.

Details: Tickets locally at the Theater Box Office, $10 advance, $15 day of show. Also available at People's Brewing, JL Records, and McGuire Music. Proceeds to a wonderful charity, Therapeion, a therapeutic equestrian center in Brookston, IN