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              Here it is! Mumcast: The Rick Mummey Show.

Music, art, and conversations with people who have mastered the art of living.

Sep 23, 2017

 The last time we spoke to John Bower on this podcast, we talked about the hard grind that is a career in music. Those careers often include full-time side jobs, bad gigs, math-challenged club owners, sketchy promoters, and more. Now, John is seeing the culmination of all that hard work. In fact, you could say he's "livin the good life". The Good Life is a new tune by Bower and songwriting partner George Domiano, with some bars from Brandon Reed, also well-known in local circles for his solo music, and his work recording and encouraging other artists. The song, included on this podcast, has everything a hit needs. It has a great hook, good vocals, expert recording, and a tasty rap section. Johnny called it "country hip hop", but he did so facetiously, and because Brandon was not in the room.

  We can all use a little positivity these days, and Bower and friends deliver that with "Good Life". It's the beginning of a good new phase for the artist, and for us, as well.