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              Here it is! Mumcast: The Rick Mummey Show.

Music, art, and conversations with people who have mastered the art of living.

Mar 29, 2016 is a website that discusses our local music scene, and is a template for the kind of coverage any local music scene needs. Rick Siler is the proprietor. He spoke to us about his start as a music writer, and his particular tastes in music, which are quite broad. He talked about the importance of coverage to up-and-coming bands and artists, and says that open mic nights can be a treasure trove of undiscovered talent. We also got Rick to tell us what he'd include in a Classic Rock Starter Kit, for those who want to re-boot their music collection, or be introduced to this music genre. Rick's kit included Zeppelin, Hendrix, roots blues, and more. We conclude the episode with the debut of a David Corley tune "Blind Man" from his upcoming release "Lights Out". Find David info and music here. David is a Lafayette-born songwriter, and is really popular in Europe, where he is now touring.