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              Here it is! Mumcast: The Rick Mummey Show.

Music, art, and conversations with people who have mastered the art of living.

May 31, 2016

Win big with your music! On this episode, we were joined by Curt Yeoman, who operates GLM Live, a music venue in Lafayette IN that was made for musicians. They'll be hosting a songwriting contest on July 20, with some great prizes for the winner, including cash, a Fender guitar, studio time with Mike Kelsey, and songwriting lessons from Nikki Rood, a top notch songwriter. Nikki will be a judge that night, as will smokin' guitarist/songwriter Jason Wells. They joined us, along with Curt, to talk about what they look for in a song and composer. Curt had details about the venue and the contest. Nikki contributed this week's song, a real beauty.