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Sep 12, 2017

 Three Cities is a band on a mission to keep the fun in hard rock. We spoke to Patrick Barry Brown, guitarist for this rock band whose members hail from Indy, Fort Wayne, and Marion, IN. They recorded a live set in May at the Lafayette Theater, in Lafayette, IN. The theater is a beautifully renovated and expertly run music venue that was once an Art Deco style movie theater. 

  Three Cities' "Live from Lafayette" release consists of a few favorite originals from their previous sets, along with new original music. It all has edge without being an overt attempt at "edginess". That's due to the band's philosophy that "this ought to be fun". And it is, with big ballsy vocals, guitar jams and swooping keyboards. Patrick gave us some band history and his thoughts on music. We finish up with a sample from "Live from Lafayette" called Walkin', which has a cool story behind the tune's origin.